Joyva is a fourth-generation family owned and operated business. Nathan Radutzky founded Joyva in 1907. His four sons, Alex, Harry, Max, and Milton, ran Joyva alongside him, and continued to run the business for the last 80 years. Today, Joyva is operated by third and fourth-generation family members Richard Radutzky, Sandy Wiener, and Ben Radutzky.

The Joyva factory is in Brooklyn, New York.

Tahini, Halvah, Sesame Crunch and chocolate covered Jells and Marshmallows.

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Halvah, sometimes called Halva, Halwa, is an irresistible old-world sesame confection originating from Mediterranean countries in the 13th century.  Made from over 50% crushed sesame seeds called Tahini and just a few simple ingredients, our Halvah is mixed by hand in traditional copper bowls into a smooth layered texture that melts in your mouth. With a sweet-savory taste, our halvah is nutrient dense, and naturally gluten free.

Tahini has Mediterranean roots and dates back thousands of years. Derived from the Arabic word “Tahana”, which means to grind, it is a paste made of 100% sesame seeds.  For over 100 years, we’ve crafted ours using a specially selected blend of sesame seeds that are roasted to perfection and milled into a beautifully silky-smooth purée.  Our Tahini is plant based, naturally Gluten Free, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

For Joyva Tahini, we carefully select our special blend of sesame seeds, roast them to perfection and then mill them into a silky-smooth purée, which yields Joyva’s signature flavor profile: a little roasty, a little nutty, creamy and delicious in both savory and sweet dishes.

Tahini makes a wonderful addition to salads, soups, roasted vegetables, oatmeal, and even ice cream! Use Tahini in hummus, smoothies, dressings and dips for depth and creaminess. Top off your toast or desserts with the smooth nuttiness of Tahini.  You can check out our recipes HERE

No, Joyva tahini does not use raw sesame seeds.  We roast our seeds prior to grinding.   

Joyva products can be found all across the United States. To locate specific items near you, please check out our STORE LOCATOR.

Many Joyva products can be found online.  Please see our store locator page which highlights a selection of online retailers.  We also have many key items available on Amazon.

At this point in time, Joyva does not ship directly to consumers.


Tahini can be stored in a cool dark place like your kitchen cabinet. Once opened, it is best to store it in the refrigerator.

Oil separation is natural, simply stir well and your tahini will mix back together.  If your can of tahini is very difficult to remix, we recommend removing all of the tahini (oil and solids) from the can and mixing it in a

There are no preservatives in Halvah and slight oil separation is natural. 

Halvah can be stored at room temperature.  It is best to refrigerate after opening.

Jell Rings, Jell Bites, Marshmallow Twists, and Marshmallow Puffs, and Sesame Crunch can all be
stored in your pantry at room temperature.  In warmer months it’s best to try and keep chocolate products out of the sun to prevent melting.

All Joyva products have a “BEST BY” date printed in black ink with the month and year of expiration (Example: BB: JUL 23 2024).  If
you have any questions about the expiry date of your product, please email customerservice@joyva.com or fill out a form on our CONTACT US page.


All Joyva products are Kosher Parve, with KOF-K Kosher Certification

All Joyva products labeled Kosher for Passover are Kosher for Passover by Rabbi Andrue Kahn.  To learn more about Passover and the category of Kitniyot, click here

Yes, all Joyva products are dairy free

Yes, all Joyva products are gluten free

Yes, all Joyva products are soy free

Some Joyva products contain tree nuts (almonds and/or pistachios) which are listed in the ingredients for those products. The other Joyva products that do not contain nuts are manufactured in a facility where nuts are present.

Joyva Tahini is suitable for a vegan based diet

Each product has ingredients and allergens listed on pack. All Joyva products are manufactured in a facility where eggs, sesame and tree nuts are present. 

Please visit the individual product page for nutrition information. You can also email customerservice@joyva.com with any additional questions

The glucose syrup used in Joyva products is corn based.