Our History

The Joyva story is rich in tradition

Our Values

foster a world that’s
filled with Joy

Since the beginning, sparking joy has remained central to what makes Joyva so special. Joy brings people together and it brings us closer to what feels comforting when we need it most.

Whether it’s the sweet taste of tradition, an uplifting moment in the day, or the pure enjoyment of bringing family and friends together, we craft products that nourish happiness and fond memories. From Sesame delights and delicious candies and through generations, this feeling of joy has been folded into everything we are and everything we make.

Joy is not just part of our name. It’s what we are committed to bring into the world.
Joyva Values - Tradition & Family Icon

Tradition & Family

Joyva is tradition and tradition is Joyva. We believe rituals honor the past and inform the present. Our goal is to always respect and learn from yesterday, while continuing to grow and evolve.

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Respect & Kidness

Joyva is a place where everyone is treated like family. We have deep admiration and empathy for others, even those we haven’t met yet.

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We believe in doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. We call this the “Joyva Way” - be open minded and inclusive, embrace a generous spirit. We take our craft seriously and never cut corners.

Enjoy the Ride

The process has to be satisfying in it’s own right. Let’s have some fun and Kibbitz often…it’s the only way!